Erin is ...... # 1 Top UK Bearded Collie 2014

Champion Sengalas Breaking Dawn for Clovabrae is now confirmed as the Top Winning UK Bearded Collie 2014 after being awarded The Bearded Collie Club Tambora Trophy winner, the Dog World/Arden Grange Top Dog Competition 2014 and the BCX Top Bitch Award 2014 - to say we are so proud of everything she has won this year would be an understatement - I have enjoyed every moment in the ring with her, she could do it all by herself and what is even more special is that she loves it too !

Well done Erin !



Ladies Kennel Association

Saturday 13th December 2014

The last show of the Year !  - Under all rounder Fran Kaye Tom was placed 1st in a very strong Junior Dog class and Erin was awarded 1st in Open Bitch - they both later went on to win the Dog Reserve CC ( at 16mths) & the Bitch Reserve CC !




For a short time we had the immense pleasure of this little dog all the way from Romania - we made the very easy decision to foster Emma and to find her a loving permanent home she could call her own.  She very quickly got inside my heart and it was not easy (at all !) to say goodbye to her, I would have kept her in a heartbeat, her joy for life was infectious.  She has a lovely new home with people who can give her the time and guidance that she needs and i hope to visit her very soon ! xx



Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland

Championship Show 1st November 2014

It was well worth the journey to Edinburgh to show Tom & Erin under Breed Specialist Alan Archer (Squireldray) - Tom won 1st in Junior Dog & again Erin took 2nd to the CC winner but went on to win the Bitch RCC this time around.

judges critiques:- Tom - well balanced slate dog, square head with flat skull, square bottom jaw.  Arched neck leading to well laid shoulders.  Straight front with well angled upper arm bone.  Deept chest, length of body coming from ribcage.  Good turn of stifle, low set hocks, parellel rear pasterns.  Nice harsh coat.  Moved with drive and ease.

Erin - Again another really super lady. Superb well balanced head with good expression, flat skull.  Good straight front with well angled upper arm bone.  Strong arched neck leading to well laid shoulders.  Deept well sprung ribcage.  Short loin. Well angled rear with let down hocks.  Parallel rear pasterns, level topline, moved with drive and ease Reserve Bitch CC


Midland Counties Canine Society

Championship Show - 24 October 2014

Another great result for our dogs today under Breed Specialist Liz Jay (Talraz) - Tom once again won Junior Dog and Erin was placed 2nd to the eventual CC winnner in Open Bitch

Judges Critique:- Tom - Topping a nice class this 14mth dark slate dog too my eye as soon as he entered the ring by virtue of smooth supple movement indicative of his excellent construction.  Not the biggest of dogs and not the flashiest either he never the less has great ring presence and standing or moving was balanced at all times. He is well put together as his movement suggests but without any exaggeration, particularly liked the flow over the croup to his long well carried tail.  One for top honours before too long in my opinion.

Erin - (i love this critique) - Well known bitch on good form, immaculate show girl in dark slate, lean, fit and in great coat, beautifully presented.  Has a lovely sweet expression with just a hint of cheekiness.  Sound and lovely on the move, she pushed the winner all the way.


At the North of England Bearded Collie Club Open show on 27 September under breed judge Albert Fielder (Malarkey) Tom gained his final point for his Junior Warrant by winning Junior Dog. Aged only 14 months old he then went on to be awarded Reserve Best Dog & Reserve Best in Show ! Well done Tom xx

judges critique - What a showman for just over a year old, just love his type and his quality. Masculine head, strong pigment and good eye.  Kind expression, moderate arched neck leading into well laid shoulders with balanced length of upper arm, correctly shaped deep rib of good length , strong well muscled rear assembly for his age, low set hock giving effortless drive to his balanced movement. In excellent condition and very well presented - Reserve Best Dog & Reserve Best in Show


Driffield Agricultural Society

18th September

Under Derek Smith once again Tom was placed 1st in Junior Dog

judges critique - Beautifully presented, dark slate in immaculate condition, lovely head & dark eyes, excellent neck & topline giving great outline, excellent coat and a super mover



Darlington Dog Show Society

Saturday 13th September

Under breed specialist David Hyde (Natterjack) Tom was placed 1st in a very strong Junior Dog class

judges critique - really liked this slate dog, he is not the biggest of dogs but is so well put together, lovely head & eye, super upper arm and good length, nice rounded croup but could do with a little more covering over his bones. Looks a picture standing but its when he moves he coped with the poor terrain so well with his low tail set & long stride he never put a foot wrong


Scottish Kennel Club

Sunday 24 August

Under Breed Specialist Janet Lewis (Potterdale) Tom, in his first Junior Dog class was placed 1st, Beth was placed 2nd in Junior Bitch and Ch. Erin was placed 2nd in Open Bitch.

judges critique: Tom - very well balanced slate in good coat. Just into this class, lovely head & expression, good upper arm giving lovely front extension.  Adequate neck, correct depth of rib, carried his tail well & move with great purpose.

Beth - very nice dark slate bitch, lovely head & expression.  Nicely arched neck & well fitting shoulders, moved soundly.

Erin- another lovely girl. Very dark slate immaculately presented, strong feminine head, beautiful expression, super pigmentation, elegant bitch with lovely neck & shoulder placement. Held her topline at all times. Moved & showed well just lost out on last lap.



Welsh Kennel Club

Saturday 16 August

At a very windy Builth Wells our judge was Kevin Young (Sunkap). Erin was placed 1st in Open Bitch and a few moments later the Bitch CC - this was her 8th CC !! She was then awarded Best of Breed.

This was the last show of our holiday - we had a fabulous time at the shows winning 2 CC's, Reserve Best in Show, a Best of Breed and two Best Puppy in Breed, one for Tom and one for Beth !!

That was a great holiday !



Bournemouth Canine Association

Sunday 10th August

In their last puppy classes both Beth & Tom pulled out all the stops and won their classes, Tom being Best Puppy Dog and Beth being Best Puppy Bitch and later Beth being awarded Best Puppy in Breed ! With thanks to Brit Schone Brodwall from Norway and to Angela for helping me out with handling !

judges critique - Tom - A really promising young dog of excellent type.  Nice head and expression. Beautiful dark eyes. Well angulated front and rear. Nice topline and proportions.  Moves well from all sides.  Nice coat and temperment.

Beth - Very promising young lady. Nice head and expression. Well angulated front and hindquarters.  Covers lots of ground when moving.  Beautiful coat and nice temperament.



Saturday 9th August


Paignton & District Fanciers Association

Monday 4th August

As our holiday continued our next show was at Paignton and the judge for this show was another Breed Specialist, Mrs Ann Andrews (Hecatie). Concentrating on Tom & Beth we were delighted that Tom won Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Dog.  Beth was placed a very good 2nd in and excellent Puppy Bitch class.  At the end of the day Tom was declared Best Puppy in Breed.

judges critique - Tom - Liked this promising youngsters balanced outline.  He has a strong masculine head and kind expression.  Dark slate coat is as would be expected at this age.  Well propotioned body with good shoulder and rear angulation.  Strong hindquarters used to advantage to produce good driving movement.

Beth - Really liked this girl and it was a close decision between the first two in this class.  Presented a pleasing outline. Lovely feminine head with a soft expression.  Well balanced front and rear.  Correct length of back coming from rib.  Lovely positive free movement.


Midshires Bearded Collie Club

Sunday 3 August

What a fantastic start to our holiday !! Breed specialist Dr Dave Anderton (Ardansax) judged bitches  today and awarded Erin 1st in Open Bitch and her 7th CC and soon after she was awarded Best Opposite Sex & Reserve Best in Show.  It was a particularly special win for me as Dr Dave Anderton judged Erin when she was a puppy when he and his co-judge, Sue Carter (Woodacre) decided she was Best Puppy in Breed at Crufts 2012 - I am thrilled he still liked her as an adult.  Another very proud moment.

judges critique - an outstanding dark slate of a type with all the attributes I like; correct size, features to standard plus just that slightly extra edge of charisma and show persona required on the day.  She was my best bitch puppy at Crufts two years ago and I had not seen her since that day.  It was gratifying to learn that this was her 7th CC at such a young age and see how much she had already achieved; well done.

Beth was also at the show and she was awarded a 3rd in a strong puppy class and 1st in novice bitch.

judges critique - a close 3rd in a very strong puppy class.  Nice overall shape and most attributes to standard.  Good static balance, a steady mover, good strong head and in good condition




Blackpool & District Canine Society

Sunday 22 June

Another great day for us with Tom taking Best Puppy in Breed and Erin winning her 6th CC with Best of Breed under Arne Foss - she was later shortlisted in the Pastoral Group - thank you to Anne Marie Paterson for handling Tom for me


judges critique -

Tom - a super puppy of highest quality, lovely prop. and attitude, typical expression, perfect topline and croup, super low and long reaching movement, coat in perfect order

Erin - caught my eye immediately, both strong and feminine, well balanced outline, super head and expression, perfect coat and presentation, could watch her side gait all day, did the breed proud and was shortlisted




Border Union Agricultural Society

Saturday 14th June

Under Judge Pam Douglas from New Zealand Tom was placed 1st in Puppy Dog.

judges critique - 10 month old slate dog. Very nice outline with correct proportions. Has a good head and typical expression. Lovely reach of neck that flows into well laid shoulders, correct chest shape and well ribbed back.  Level topline which was held on the move. Correct hindquarter angulation. Moved correct with reach and drive. True coming and going.



Three Counties Agricultural Society

Thursday 5th June

Under judge Mr Barrie Croft (Malcro) Tom was placed 1st in Puppy Dog and later awarded Best Puppy Dog.

He is pictured below at 10 months of age.

Judges Critique - loved this boy looks all quality and balanced.  Excellent head good skull, excellent expression, masculine, correct neck fitting into the very best of shoulders, straight front, balanced in body shape with deep chest and tight elbows.  Strong quarters, excellent stifles and strenght on those hocks, he moves right because he's built right and to top it off a super jacket developing that was presented to absolute perfection, as were all this exhibitors charges, huge promise with this boy. I would expect him to go on and do great things in the breed.


and later in the day our Kayleigh, Caldermist Heaven Knows for Clovabrae is placed 1st in Junior Bitch.

Judges Critique - her 1st was never an issue, loved this girl, the breed type, shape and balance I wanted, just so good to watch on the move and shown and presented in such a professional manner, I would expect her to continue to impress, top class.


thank you to Barrie Croft for these fantastic critiques of Tom and Kayleigh and placing them 1st in strong competition.



Scottish Kennel Club

Saturday 17th May

Under Mark James Erin again won the Limit Bitch class and went on to win the Bitch CC and Best of Breed.  She now has five CC's, four with Best of Breed and 1 RCC


judges critique - Top class stylish mature lady. Loved her size and shape. Just up my street.  Super head and expression. Mature in body and coat which is not overdone and of good texture.  Strong topline and loin, steady free and easy mover. Super presentation - CC & Best of Breed

Tom is pictured below at SKC aged 9 months old - he was placed 2nd at this show.

Thank you to Rianne van de Hoef for these photos.




Sunday 27th April 2014

Celebrating her 3rd Birthday and a week after winning her 3rd CC and title Erin won her 4th CC under Ben Reynolds Frost.

judges critique - "I just loved this bitch with her many qualities.  Correct size and shape. Pleasing head, front and feet. Correct topline and shoulder placement.  Excellent on the move. I understand she got her title the week before and I was delighted to award her, her fourth."


Eastern Bearded Collie Association

Championship Show - 21 April 2014

Our beautiful Erin is now ......

Champion Sengalas Breaking Dawn for Clovabrae


Another truly memorable day at Eastern Bearded Collie Association Championship show on Easter Monday. Under Breed Specialist Lesley Tomlinson (Coalacre) Erin won Limit Bitch and was then awarded the Bitch CC, her third ! We are so delighted that this lovely girl has been crowned a Champion, this 3rd CC coming shortly after her 2nd only won three weeks prior.  A little later she was awarded Best of Breed and Best in Show under Breed Specialist Rosemary Haywood (Binbusy).

Thank you Lesley Tomlinson & Rosie Haywood 

Also thank you to all our fellow exhibitors for the cards, messages and flowers - we really appreciate your kind words.

It was a fantastic day ! So proud of you Erin x



Caldermist Heaven Knows for Clovabrae

Kayleigh was placed 1st in a very strong Junior Bitch class.  This young girl has not been shown a lot but we are very very pleased with the way she is maturing. Placed 2nd to her was her sister Darcie, Caldermist Heaven Can Wait, so a great day for Caldermist too.

Pictured here with her breeder and co-owner, Angela Pedder (Caldermist)

Over in the Dog ring our very own Tom, Clovabrae Midnight Sun was placed 2nd by Mrs Viv Stevens (Whistbrae)



Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales

Championship Show - 19 April 2014

Yet another brilliant day for our dogs !

Tom wins Minor Puppy Dog and is then awarded Best Puppy Dog and later Best Puppy in Breed under Mrs Britt Marie Young.  He later goes on to win Group 1 Pastoral Puppy and then Reserve Best Puppy in Show under Mrs J Lawless - we are thrilled with this win and so proud of our puppy who never stopped showing for me all day long.

judges critique - "The pastoral group was full of quality and the eventual winner from a super line-up was the lovely Bearded Collie, Clovabrae Midnight Sun, he never put a foot wrong from start to finish, well presented in excellent coat and condition, with a pleasing head and body of correct proportions, good chest for his age and standing well, he was a picture on the move with a fluid balanced side gait".



Also doing well at this show was Erin, Sengalas Breaking Dawn for Clovabrae who was placed 2nd in a class of 15 in Limit Bitch



Scottish Breeds Canine Club

Championship Show - 29 March 2014

Well what can we say, this truly was a fantastic day for us and our dogs ................

Erin, Sengalas Breaking Dawn for Clovabrae won Limit Bitch, her 2nd CC and then Best of Breed under breed judge Phillipe Martin (Mas De L'Oisoniere) ........ she then went on to win Best in Show under Pasty Hollings (Gunalt)

Patsy Hollings critique of Erin - "Best in Show went to the fabulous Bearded Collie, Sengalas Breaking Dawn for Clovabrae, I understand won her second CC on the day, can't see it being long before she takes her third and many more. Standing she presents a typical balanced picture, to go over her you cannot help but be impressed by her excellent construction and correct body weight, with muscular development.  Has low tail set carried right. Coat is harsh and flat, with soft undercoat. I was very taken with her, unobtrusively handled and such a worthy winner".

Along with her breeders Angela and Nick May, we are so very proud of Erin who showed her socks off all day long to achieve this very special win .............. a fantastic experience shared with a lovely Beardie - a day to remember - thank you to Phillipe Martin and Pasty Hollings who made this possible and also friends and fellow exhibitors who cheered us on all day long, Angela Pedder and Lynne Dodgson in particular.

The day ended on a high but it has to be said it started quite well too ......... our very own Thomas, Clovabrae Midnight Sun, won Minor Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Dog and then Best Puppy in Breed and was shortlisted to the final four for Best Puppy in Show.

Best in Show judge, Patsy Hollings wrote of him - "Clovabrae Midnight Sun, well this handler had a good day ! But there again she did have her hands on quality in both finals.  This male presented good balance and is masculine without being overdone in any way, worked well with his handler"

Our lovely Kayleigh, Caldermist Heaven Knows for Clovabrae, was shown by her breeder and co-owner, Angela Pedder (Caldermist) and was placed 3rd in her very first Junior Bitch and 2nd in Novice. Well done girls, you did great !


................... and lastly our very own Bethenny, Clovabrae Northern Star who was placed 2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch.  Well done Beth !





Many congratulations also to Angela, Nick and Reg now Champion Sengalas Spirit Guide after winning his 3rd CC at Scottish Breeds Canine Club

thank you to Bobby Millar for taking and allowing us to use these splendid photos - thanks Bob !



Retford Canine Society

Open Show - 23 March 2014

Under Breed judge Imke Groenier (Braemoor) Kayleigh won Junior class and also Best of Breed

In the Pastoral Group she won Group 1 under Geoff Duffield (Myriehewe)

and then went on to Best in Show 4 under Mr Ray Moreland (Trikem)




6th March

Pictured together in the ring in Special Puppy Bitch are Angela and Darcie, Caldermist Heaven Can Wait and me with Kayleigh, Caldermist Heaven Knows for Clovabrae.

Darcie went on to be placed 1st in this huge class and Kayleigh was VHC - well done to both girls - very proud of you both

Under breed judge Althea Richardson (Caramac) Darcie was awarded Best Puppy Bitch - she is pictured here looking beautiful in the Challenge.


Many congratulations to Ange, George and the lovely Darcie from us all here but especially her sister Kayleigh xx


A fantastic day for Caldermist !!!



Matlock & District Canine Society

16th February

At his very first show under Breed judge Jules Carter (Roseollie) Thomas, Clovabrae Midnight Sun wins the Puppy Class and is awarded Best Puppy in Breed and goes on to go Group 2 in the Pastoral Group.

Erin wins the Open class and is awarded Best of Breed and also goes on to Pastoral Group 2.



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